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  1. FM16 Comeback Thread

    The South final 1st leg of JPT against L1 Gills;
  2. FM16 Ramblings

    One of me better players @Geofff is former Newcany academy product; Then loanee from parent club Millwall has been successful; And at the back a Villa loanee has been impressive; Truth is tis been a real squad effort thus far, early doors loanee Elford-Alliyu scored 7 in 6 before getting injured, then Millwall loanee Marquis took over the scoring duty with 10 goals in 19 games and a £10k signing from Livingston Myles Hippolyte has pitched in with 9 goals from wide, oh and free transfer Hayden Mullins, formerly of West Ham, has held the defense together, also a recent loan signing from Brum, Neil Eardley has been totally killing the league at RB, with 5 assists in 11 at an average of 7.75 odd.  
  3. NBA General Discussion thread

    Apparently Harrison Barnes hurt his ankle the other night but x-rays came back negative so likely a few weeks out, hardly makes a dent in roster but tis one man down.
  4. FM16 Ramblings

    I'd find a long term Chelsea save hard with how badly I believe the youth has faired, especially in comparison to others of similar age/standard in real life.
  5. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    He no doubt was and I cany blame him, he has proven with Palace what a good manager he is and on the whole should be remembered by fans as doing a great job for us, sadly the fans played a big role in him leaving.  It probably was however a good time for both parties to move on, however the decisions by our board and rise of Palace has made the Pardew departure look that much more stupid/bad for us. Truth is we had a long period of time to find the right appointment and such wasn't found, instead we appointed a manager that had just failed in the league below and not shown an ability to manage at the top level for a good period, if ever, if one counts the Dutch league as not in that bracket.
  6. Suggest a Save

    One the Racing note, they have a talented pair of young brothers in Borja and Fede, both of whom I signed for my Arsenal team. Borja impressed me massively and replaced Bellerin when he was injured despite his tender years, a really promising RB and Fede a DMC that should come good eventually also.
  7. Hidden Giants

    Best one yet dev, great write up and I may indeed play as them at some point, did have a save with them on FM12 but not since.
  8. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    Bad appointment, bad outcome, shock horror.
  9. The Boxing Thread

    It's certainly one of the more difficult challengers Wlad has had to face over recent years, that said I'd be surprised if we see a different outcome, especially given that Wlad has signed a new 5 fight deal not long ago.  For the sake of heavyweight scene it would be great though and with his size/skillset/confidence Fury does stand a chance, not something many have really had.
  10. FM16 Ramblings

    My wages are at £51k p/w now and have a budget of £77k p/w, so doing fine in terms of wages, have moved on 8 players this season for £167k and a bit of wages out door to boot, but £35k p/w under FFP wage budget for L2 so all is good young Rico, berry careful with monies, am up to 5th in league in terms of wages. Bank balance nearly at £500k and getting £140k for Leicester tie as on TV, so not going into red either. Plus we have 6th highest attendance.
  11. FM16 Ramblings

    Indeed it is stu, into 3rd rnd of FA cup, go Leicester at home, not looking forward to that, also into JPT South final against the Gills and got a real chance of promotion;   And some transfers arrive!
  12. FM16 Ramblings

    So after a failed reattempt with Lewes, trying to use my Arsenal tactic with such, I decided to return to a Cambridge save I started when first got game, with hope that my Arsenal tactic would work better a few divisions higher, and to my delight it has, which has made me extremely happy and interested in continue the save. Got some players joining on Jan 1st, Sanchez Watt the highlight, joining from an Indian team on a free. Anyway below is my results thus far, I had got to Hartlepool away before moving onto Arsenal save, as I was annoyed that the on fire on loan Elford-Alliyu (whom also rejoins on Jan 1st in £10k deal) got injured long term and then directly after we got battered twice in a row. Stevenage onwards is where restarted with my Arsenal tactic and we're becoming somewhat of a clone-lite version, which is fun, and at the moment quite successful;
  13. NFL General Discussion

    Week 12 Games [4 - 6] Saints vs Texans [5 - 5] [4 - 6] Rams vs Bengals [8 - 2] [7 - 3] Vikings vs Falcons [6 - 4] [5 - 5] Giants vs Redskins [4 - 6] [5 - 5] Buccaneers vs Colts [5 - 5] [5 - 5] Bills vs Chiefs [5 - 5] [4 - 6] Raiders vs Titans [2 - 8] [2 - 8] Chargers vs Jaguars [4 - 6] [4 - 6] Dolphins vs Jets [5 - 5] [8 - 2] Cardinals vs 49ers [3 - 7] [6 - 4] Steelers vs Seahawks [5 - 5] [10 - 0] Patriots vs Broncos [8 - 2] [3 - 7] Ravens vs Browns [2 - 8]
  14. FM16 Ramblings

    He was a solid hand when covering for injuries early doors, although struggled for game time when Wilshere returned and with Barkley arriving in Jan, as their time in MC positions meant Gaudino and Cook saw more time at DMC. I also signed Olsson back to club and he looks really promising now, but with all those options in MC positions he got sent out on loan.
  15. NBA General Discussion thread

    They certainly have the ability to walk over all the teams on road trip, just have a feeling they might have an off shooting night on a back to back game, if any of those games are, would love for them to go crazy though and keep going into 20s/30s.