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  1. Can't believe i forgot about updating the end of my season! Like Fox said it was a real struggle right from the beginning and i think the only reason i didn't get relegated was switching to a 4-4-2 roughly 10 games before the end of the season.   Congrats to @Pulse on winning the league and @Foxo on surviving in L2!
  2. Tycoon Thread

      Link   Copy this code : !6AkjC6i01xE28kEQEmhtzfeVfZHWnvdX_3VUzTSjaPQ
  3. Tycoon Thread

    I'll try to upload a save tonight, where Atletico got taken over by a very wealthy Mexican. Can also be an intriguing challenge trying to beat the top two using the huge budgets that will probably be available.
  4. NBA General Discussion thread

    Might be the only one to think so, but i don't really see them losing any of those ten games. Wondering who are they playing after that, because the record of most consecutive wins should be either 32 or 33 so might as well go for that record.
  5. The IRC Hall of Fame

    Oh right, forgot about that hahaha! Should have gyazo'd it.
  6. The IRC Hall of Fame

    Our own @Raku with some football knowledge.  
  7. Well, hello!

    @FoxInTheBoxFM, welcome to TAS! It's great to see that you like our articles, our staff is really working hard on making them as good as possible. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  8. First Cl-Assia

    Congrats on the title Wyn, seems like you will need to improve your team quite a bit to have a chance of survival. How did you do in the cup?
  9. United were without their first and second choice GKs (De Gea and Rafael) and Brad Guzan made his debut in the CL final.
  10. I really am a broken man because of this.    
  11. Wise move to send Kone out on loan to get some playing time and reducing some of the wage budget. Did you manage to attach a future fee on the deal?
  12. From Princes to Kings

    Shame about the loss of Klemencic, but i'm sure with your scouting experience you will find someone better than him in the near future! Sunny looks like a tank upfront, hopefully he'll grab you a hatful of goals this season.
  13. NFL General Discussion

    [4 - 6] Saints vs Texans [5 - 5] [4 - 6] Rams vs Bengals [8 - 2] [7 - 3] Vikings vs Falcons [6 - 4] [5 - 5] Giants vs Redskins [4 - 6] [5 - 5] Buccaneers vs Colts [5 - 5] [5 - 5] Bills vs Chiefs [5 - 5] [4 - 6] Raiders vs Titans [2 - 8] [2 - 8] Chargers vs Jaguars [4 - 6] [4 - 6] Dolphins vs Jets [5 - 5] [8 - 2] Cardinals vs 49ers [3 - 7] [6 - 4] Steelers vs Seahawks [5 - 5] [10 - 0] Patriots vs Broncos [8 - 2] [3 - 7] Ravens vs Browns [2 - 8] Good stuff there Rico, real achievement be above someone who actually knows something about the NFL.