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  1. Please Read: TAS News

      I think we can all agree that i'll be the winner.
  2. NFL General Discussion

    Foxo's picks : Steelers Pats Seahawks Cardinals
  3. NFL General Discussion

    Divisional Playoff Games - Jan 16-17 (Sat-Sun) [10 - 6 <> 6th Seed] Steelers vs Broncos [12 - 4 <> 1st Seed] - AFC [11 - 5 <> 5th Seed] Chiefs vs Patriots [12 - 4 <> 2nd Seed] - AFC [10 - 6 <> 6th Seed] Seahawks vs Panthers [15 - 1 <> 1st Seed] - NFC [10 - 6 <> 5th Seed] Packers vs Cardinals [13 - 3 <> 2nd Seed] - NFC
  4. Keeping in contact

    Was thinking about doing something like this, good job @Pancakes! Steam name : devilaldo(should be), nickname is Dev with a Ronaldo pic as my display.
  5. Please Read: TAS News

    Couldn't have said it any better than that. I've been on multiple sites before i came to TAS and honestly not one of them had a good feel to it like this place did. Even though i took a few longer breaks from here ages ago, i always came back because the majority of people got along well with each other and could handle some great banter. Would like to thank those who in any way have given me advice or answered my (mostly) dumb questions, which often had nothing to do with FM. P.S - We will always have @M1kemaths with us.
  6. NFL General Discussion

    Crazy ending in the Vikings-Seahawks game, as it all came down to a 27-yard FG by Vikings kicker Blair Walsh with less than 30 seconds to go, and he missed it! Shame that they lost, would have personally liked to see the inexperienced team like the Vikings advance in the playoffs.
  7. FM16 Ramblings

    @Stu Inaki has been pretty good, my top goalscorer all three seasons, having to reject bids from teams like Real,PSG,Juventus etc pretty much every window for him. Will get a screenie of his stats/history next time i get on FM.
  8. NFL General Discussion

    [10 - 6 <> 6th Seed] Steelers vs Bengals [12 - 4 <> 3rd Seed] [11 - 5 <> 5th Seed] Chiefs vs Texans [9 - 7 <> 4th Seed] [10 - 6 <> 6th Seed] Seahawks vs Vikings [11 - 5 <> 3rd Seed] [10 - 6 <> 5th Seed] Packers vs Redskins [9 - 7 <> 4th Seed]
  9. Always love to see a United career, even love it more if it has this kind of a twist to it! I have a regular United career about 6-7 seasons and and a word of advice, take care of Callum Gribbin, he became my starting AMC in season 3 and hasn't disappointed since. Also Jesse Lingard has been amazing as has James Wilson as a rotation option to Martial. Good luck with this, will definitely be following!
  10. Need to improve the consistency of the team, going for the automatic promo might be unrealistic but good luck in holding on to the playoff spot. How have the new boys done for you so far?
  11. Two good additions on the wing there @Raku, really surprised that Lazovic was interesting in joining a team in the Turkish 2nd tier! Should have probably tried to get some players in to help the defence out, your team can score goals, but it's all about trying to keep as many clean sheets at the other end as possible.
  12. Ramblings with Rum

    Finally a sight of snow here, forgot how much fun it is, played outdoor hockey, snowball fights and didn't even mind cleaning the pavements!
  13. Yup, Adam Lallana at Barcelona...