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  1. FM14 General Ramblings

    I have Rooney begging for a move away.   oh I love how realistic this game is.
  2. Rebuilding Manchester.

    So here it goes.   My Name is Marriott110 and Im going to attempt to bring you a Manchester United career, where the sole aim is to sufficate all that lay in wait in England and Europe, whilst staying a lenght of time that makes Fergie's stint look like a caretaker. ( this is if we can avoid the sack )   My main goal is obviously to remain at the top whilst improving and focusing on developing youth. An optional goal I have set myself is to build this team with a base of english talent that adds to my small Nations chances of International glory.   This is my first save on FM14 having only purchased the game this past saturday but with one season completed the first update will be up this evening. I hope this career can entertain you when you are all reading whilst I slave away and endure the heartache that comes with such high expectations from the board and such little skill in the dugout.    
  3. Dartford appoint Marriott Dartford fc are proud to announce the appointment of Andrew Marriott as the clubs new manager taking over from legend Tony Burman who resigned as he felt he couldn't lead the club any further. Marriott is a home town boy growing up a 10 minute walk from princes park and takes his first season in charge with the team in the blue square south with the board aiming to consolidate in it's second season in the league with a mid table finish.
  4. don't look at it as a month of draws. look at it as a unbeaten month!
  5. My second hello!

    basically i first came onto this site in april then fell out of love with fm and then this site. but i am returning so hello my names marriott and im not very good at fm but i've just started a save with southampton aiming to take them to the promised land and conquer Europe.
  6. Going Home. A Fm10 story.

    I've started a new save to show off the career i have started as my beloved charlton, as i try to get them from league one to the EPL. this is last year's league one squad so i do have Bailey Shelvey Richardson. it's a strong squad so i should blaze league one. here's some screen's of my transfer's in. here's august's fixtures Table at the end of august. And a big injury that's dented us abit. Hope you enjoy this career and i'll try and improve the quality of my posts as they go along.
  7. Newbie here.

    Thanks for the welcomes guys, would of come sooner, but set myself the challenge of getting my beloved charlton to their rightful place in the premier league! wish me luck!
  8. Newbie here.

    As the thread says im new, and have been told to post here and introduce myself by my friend semedo, i play fm 10 as being a student with no job i lack funds to buy fm11 but im in well into a save (2017/18) season with arsenal taken myself abroad and back over my 4 previous clubs in this save. so that's me. ARISE SIR CHRIS POWELL.