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  1. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    Chris Kamara reacting to Bournemouth's late goal:
  2. FM15 Ramblings

    Yeah, I'll probably play it a bit more over winter break from school, gotta defend the trophy
  3. TAS' FM16 Dafuge Challenge

        Matlock Town FC, one time FA Trophy champs.
  4. FM15 Ramblings

    I'm officially a part time FM16 player now:  
  5. Well, hello!

    I've seen you on the Twitch   It'll be weird having a Fox here who won't get sacked every save.
  6. First Cl-Assia

    Such a short season, must be nice. How many games in next division?
  7. NFL General Discussion

    Saw stat today can't confirm but said Lions are first team since merger to score 18 points in two consecutive weeks. Playoffs here we come.
  8. The IRC Hall of Fame

    this is the default i was given so i guess foxo isnt a fan
  9. The IRC Hall of Fame

  10. FM16 Ramblings

    Is there a way to limit number of screens/text per post?
  11. International Football Discussion

    Dare to Zlatan: "'They said I should retire, but I sent their whole country into retirement,' the 34-year-old Swede, whose age and physical prowess on the pitch had been questioned by the Danish opponents, told Swedish broadcaster Kanal 5 after the match."
  12. FM16 Ramblings

    Network save started with @iliv3forthis each of us taking an MLS team from New York. He got City, and with Pirlo selling so many shirts (link) I decided to get an old Italian of my own so we'll have Alessandro Del Piero up top hopefully linking with my talented wing forwards.  
  13. FM15 Amusing Pictures thread

    One major downside of being the best by far in Hungary:       Glad the league cup in Hungary is in a group stage right now, I've got 3 first team players in the squad and only 4 who have ever played for the first team before
  14. Ferencvárosi C+C Hungary

    Tons of movement at the club- First players out:       Club record transfer, previously 13m+50% sell on to Blackburn has been broken by 17.5m+5m (10 intl appearances)+20% profit....... to Blackburn. Apparently we are their feeder club. 7.5m for Tischler who wouldn't sign a new deal (thought he had accomplished everything at the club) and had 12 months left. Dinkelbach out which was sad.   Bencun and Dinky were huge parts of the squad last year but hopefully we push on without them. Will certainly miss seeing Bencun in the match engine as he stands only 161 cm.    Transfers in, starting with winter window:     Here was the massive push to break through in the CL groups. Our bank accounts were doing great and we've got the highest level youth facilities, an almost new stadium; time to spend.   First signing was the cheapest, but also the only Hungarian in the bunch: Norbert Tokes. Sixteen years old at the time with decent ability and lots of potential. Will be in a rotation role. Nemanja Bojic: We may be Blackburn's feeder, I guess that makes Red Star ours. 15.5 mil to them for three players last year. Bojic is a very good CM in the mold of Deyan Stoilov (see above posts). Valentino Brekalo was a bit of a surprise for me; Dinamo are very reluctant to let their best players go. They have an absolutely fantastic ST and RB that they won't take under $50m for, but somehow they late Brekalo go for just 6.5m. Best ball-playing defender I've had, super comfortable with him on the left side or center, even the right side even though he doesn't naturally play there. Nikola Bogdanovich is a more traditional CB, want to get his speed and or strength up but we lacked some depth there so he's in. Roberto Andreatta is another MC, most of them are interchangeable and whoever has the best form will play.      We then had two additions near the end of the season, Alexis Cordoba on a free thanks to his agent (he has recently been recalled from his loan, they aren't playing him enough) and Miroslav Miletic by far the most talented player to come through our academy yet.      We added 4 more over the summer:       Reinaldo Frota replaces the departing Bencun and I've had my eye on him for a while but wasn't going to be able to offer him playing time until Blackburn came in. Familiar name David Piko returns as Benfica wanted him to be starting games. He gives us a Champions League ready player, whereas Danny Nemeth isn't quite there yet (he's getting close though, and still only 17). I feel bad for Rainer Reck I needed a backup goalkeeper and couldn't find one so he came in on an emergency deal but was quickly replaced by Rogan Pavett; a much better player. Reck goes to Berry's second favorite club on loan.         Toughest possible playoff draw, we'll do our best to get back to the groups.        I'll work on getting this season's squad onto photobucket or something similar over the next couple days so that the links don't expire     Edit- Here are some slideshows of our squads:  First Team U21s
  15. TAS Gamers - The Other Games thread

    Went PS2 to 360 to PS4 and playstation is much better tbh     no ps4 isn't backwards compatible @Foxo