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  1. Tycoon Thread

    May be interested in the Atletico game as a side save. Will be interesting matching the spending of Real and Barca and trying to catch them up and take over the league.
  2. FM16 Ramblings

    That is a lot of wages coming in for League Two @Berry, have Cambridge got a bit of money, or have you let some players go? You are doing well though, which is nice to see, hopefully you can chase Luton for that top spot!
  3. NFL General Discussion

    [4 - 6] Saints vs Texans [5 - 5] [4 - 6] Rams vs Bengals [8 - 2] [7 - 3] Vikings vs Falcons [6 - 4] [5 - 5] Giants vs Redskins [4 - 6] [5 - 5] Buccaneers vs Colts [5 - 5] [5 - 5] Bills vs Chiefs [5 - 5] [4 - 6] Raiders vs Titans [2 - 8] [2 - 8] Chargers vs Jaguars [4 - 6] [4 - 6] Dolphins vs Jets [5 - 5] [8 - 2] Cardinals vs 49ers [3 - 7] [6 - 4] Steelers vs Seahawks [5 - 5] [10 - 0] Patriots vs Broncos [8 - 2][3 - 7] Ravens vs Browns [2 - 8] Yay, another good week. Bare in mind that I have missed a week aswell so not doing too bad at all.
  4. Rico's Kit Request Thread

    @liam1872 How are these mate? If you need any help getting them in game, let me know
  5. Rico's Kit Request Thread

    Not brilliant at making real life kits but can have a go at some fantasy kits with those specifications if you'd like? 
  6. Well, hello!

    Welcome to TAS Leigh  Big fan of some of your videos on youtube even if I don't get around to watching as many as I should Hope you enjoy yourself here, don't be afraid to get stuck in!
  7. I agree Rak, Liverpool were superb, the mix of the pressing game and Coutinho and Firmino combining was great to watch. That being said, without Kompany, City's defence looks terrible.
  8. Using the Notebook feature in FM16

    This is a cracking article as always @Pancakes and really brings to light a very useful but underused feature of FM. I don't personally use it but from now on, I definitely will. I also agree with @The Pioneer's points and they are certainly good aspects to add. These things that you can put in notes can be very easily forgotten and it can sometimes cost you dearly, I'm looking at you contract expiries Great work Panners.
  9. @Dev, may I ask why you have Dier at right back? Have you re-trained him to play there?
  10. Fantasy Premier League 2015/16

    Ended up with 75 points this week and thats even with Sanchez not performing as captain (again). I remeain top of all three leagues I am playing in. Eriksen really was a nice replacement for Payet  
  11. hellllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo

    Hey @the tactician, I remember you from quite a few sites a few years back, including a brief spell on here. Welcome back Hopefully, you can get stuck in and enjoy yourself again!
  12. Well, another FM comes along so I am deciding to dust off the old Photoshop and make fantasy kits for you again. If you fancy some new kits for your game, just drop me a post in here giving me colours plus as many details as you want regarding sponsors and manufacturers. If you need a config in order to put them into your game, please leave me with the Unique ID number also. Request away!
  13. FM16 Ramblings

    That is ridiculous for the Championship. If you don't go up, you seriously need to give up XD
  14. TAS' FM16 Dafuge Challenge

    We try not to acknowledge that that ever happened Rak