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  1. Keeping in contact

    You can be find under Scorsese my beautiful friend. oakesypvfc on steam Daniel Oakes on facebook Don't really use twitter
  2. Please Read: TAS News

    I have to say, I am saddened to hear this news, but I completely understand. TAS was always a place to escape, and always had a great community behind it to get through times when you weren't feeling so blue. I can't really add to what has already been said. We had a great run guys, well played. Best of luck to wherever you go next. Long live the spirit of TAS.
  3. Villa look dead and buried already sadly @Foxo and we have only just entered the new year. Question now is whether they can beat Derby's point total from a few years back...
  4. Changes in Admin Team

    I haven't been around much but I must say thankyou to everyone for your kind words. @Foxo for the opportunity and his assistance over the years. See you around guys
  5. World Football Thread

    I got 24, I really don't know much at all
  6. An Old Man

    I was going to use that joke, dang you @Dev Welcome to the site Nexus, I seem to remember the name. I hope you enjoy yourself here, I too am bad at FM
  7. Ramblings with Rum

    My thoughts are with you Ian. Marry Xmas all at TAS, hope Santa has been good to you all.
  8. Football Transfer & Rumour Thread

    Sounds a cracking deal for Bournemouth, he was a massive prospect a couple of years back was he not?
  9. The SkyBet Football League discussion thread

    It is hardly fair on Carlisle, having to travel to Lancashire and Yorkshire for their home games  Coleman is a plank.
  10. Can see Liverpool going after Butland in the summer to be honest. Would take a decent bid to take him away from Stoke though but he is a safe pair of hands they need. That is if they don't succeed with Weidenfeller.
  11. Who needs Jose?

    Wonderful first season there @Pancakes, very nice to see Kenedy come in and do so well, didn't think he would feature anywhere near that much, but I suppose that was due to the sale of Remy, no? Not a lot I can say to ask you to improve on that season but it will be nice to see you develop young English players and I look forward to seeing how your youth intake star does, he looks like he has potential. Best of luck improving on that year  
  12. TAS Awards 2015

    Submitted my nominations, come on guys, get them in!
  13. Its been awhile

    Welcome back @Jos, great to see you. I am still on FM15 myself, even though I have '16, the new one is good, I just have unfinished business with '15.  Glad to hear your health is good and good to have you around again  
  14. It apparently won't be Rodgers, he has ruled out the move saying it isn't in his near future. This leaves either David Moyes, or a premier league return for Gus Poyet, who is managing with AEK Athens at the minute. I wouldn't mind seeing either back in the Premier League to be honest.