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  1. .:B'Logos:.

    Nice one, keep it up :thup:
  2. .:B'Logos:.

    These logos are working for FM 13 too, so feel free to download them.
  3. FM13 Announced!

    Do i have to install "steam" in order to play FM13 ?
  4. Team & Tactics Guide RELEASED

    "France played two forward players, and therefore Greece used two man-markers with a sweeper." /> If you want i can find some videos of that.
  5. Team & Tactics Guide RELEASED

    Greek 2004 tactic is completely wrong, Dellas was deployed as sweeper in a 3 man defensive line alongside Kapsis and Katsouranis (Seitaridis against Czech).
  6. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    Michu looks great
  7. What are you listening to?
  8. I was thinking to start with HSV.... from Celtic to Hamburg
  9. Starting a new game with a small German team... VfL Osnabrück
  10. I prefer the dutch.
  11. Personalities

    I have a Brazilian model professional.... :blink:
  12. Personalities

    I just don't like balanced... i can handle everything else with proper manipulation.
  13. Knockout stages discussion thread.

    I don't want to hear Englishmen saying that Italy is destroying football.
  14. .:B'Logos:.

    Is that a "thank you" for our work ?