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  1. Christmas Names

    I'll change my name to Yellow Snow please, thanks.
  2. FM15 Ramblings

    @ Looks like they are. Cheers mate.
  3. FM15 Ramblings

    On that note what's the most complete kit pack so far, with default kits included? Can't find FB kits for this year for some odd reason. Cheerss   EDIT: Anything other than SS or LS btw, I really don't like that style. Again cheerss
  4. TAS Gamers - The Other Games thread

    Bought AoE II few days back, playing it now. Ahhh the memories...
  5. FM15 Ramblings

    Man screw my players. One minute they "feel they get along" with me the next they group up to try and screw me over my management. I don't understand why they suddenly did that either, seeing as the board is ok with my league position and more than pleased that I'm past the group stages of the Europa League. Arghhh I was just picking up form as well   Managing AS St-Etienne btw.
  6. Who's Tyne Is It Anyway?

    Jesus Orlando Julio looks superb, and just 18. Amazing purchase considering the price tag.
  7. Box Sets/ Tv series

    Watching House right now, since it recently went up on Netflix. Very good so far, halfway through season 2 right now.
  8. Who's Tyne Is It Anyway?

    Congrats on finishing fourth, though I can see from the table it was very close! Surprised Tottenham and Arsenal finished so high up and Man City finished fifth though,
  9. Who's Tyne Is It Anyway?

    Looks decent so far, good luck with the upcoming season!
  10. 2 years...

    Thanks again guys! I do remember most of you lot, glad to see familiar faces again. Also sorry if I offended anyone by referring to them as CMUChips lmao
  11. 2 years...

      Cheers guys! Really surprised you still remember me aha Maybe I'll open a graphics shop again.. hmm  :ph34r:
  12. 2 years...

    Did you people go crazy on the name changes when I was gone because I recognize the profiles but not the names  :ph34r: no offense of course   Are you CMUChips...??  :ph34r:  :ph34r:   Either way thanks, and yea I'll try my best. I'm very rusty though so I doubt I can add much to the convo but I'll chip in here and there
  13. 2 years...

    It's really been two years since I last stepped foot on TAS.. wow   Bought and downloaded FM15 today, and figured might as well come back for a bit. Haven't played FM since a small stint in '12 so this should be interesting.    Not sure how active I'll actually be, but I'll try. Some of you might remember me but not really expecting anything. Still either way I've screwed up my chances of getting into any of my uni choices lmao 
  14. A catch up and update

    Well done on the book mate can't wait for the new TAS. Although I've technically become dead in terms of being active here I'm still available if you want anything changed on the design or want a whole new one
  15. Discredited Man.

    I live like 10 minutes away from Sutton so I'll kinda follow this mate haha.