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  1. Ramblings with Rum

    Busy at the moment - Got to come up with a proposal for my final year IT project by Sunday, then I have a database coursework for Wednesday, then another coursework for a week after that.
  2. FM16 Ramblings

    Current team, started off the season really well but struggling at the moment. Third season, finished 13th first year, 12th second, doesn't help when your ST who has 7 goals in 8 games gets injured for 4 months (Luciano)
  3. Tycoon Thread

    Not a save but in my third season with Genoa and was in the process of being taking over by a Mexican tycoon who promised £113m for new players, it fell through...
  4. Which clubs will you play in FM16?

    I think I might go Brentford. Brought in a lot of players and their experiment in a new approach didn't really work in real life.
  5. FM16 - Buying through TAS

    £24 seems like a bargain. I'll probably be buying this, will tell me brother and housemate about it too.
  6. Ramblings with Rum

    Started back in Uni this week. not the worst timetable, although tomorrow is my busiest day, most annoying thing is when the lectures are spread out throughout the day.
  7. Ramblings with Rum

    Going back to Cardiff tomorrow, think I have enrolment on Monday then course starts properly a week later.
  8. So...

    Welcome back again, I remember you from FP and like you will probably be here more when I get FM16.
  9. TAS Film Club

    What have people been watching recently then? I think the only two films I have seen released this year are Jurassic World and Blackhat. The first one I thought was an awful mess, so unnecessarily violent and everything felt too digittal/clean, script was awful and so were actors, disappointed with Pratt considering he seems like a funny guy, I'm not the biggest fan of the original (but I think it's a good enough film) but this is just bad. Blackhat is a lesser known film by Michael Mann, who directed Heat, The Insider, Last of the Mohicans and many more, it's got terrible reviews generally but I have no idea why, really impressive example of digital filmmaking.
  10. Box Sets/ Tv series

    Recently I've finished:   True Detective season 2 - So disappointing. I thought around episode six that it was beginning to improve a bit but then the ending episode was absolutely dreadful, so frustrating after how good the first season was.   Arrested Development - Watched all of this. Brilliant, an instant favourite. Absolutely hilarious show. Season four wasn't as good as the first three perhaps but it was understandable considering the constraints, it was still great though and excellently constructed.
  11. My Film - The Job Hunt

    This was at the end of my post but got cut off for some reason:   Here's the film on IMDb -   If you could all like the page on Facebook that would be great, trying to build up a good social media following -   I'll try and keep you all updated. Currently filming at the moment and want to get it sent off to film festivals once it's done, raised £100 online for it and have a group of friends working hard with me to get it done
  12. My Film - The Job Hunt

    Here we go... copied and pasted from somewhere else when I started the project...  
  13. I was unsure whether I was going to buy FM16. I was hesitant over 15 too. These features look very promising though. The add new club feature eliminates the need to mess around in the database editor from what I gather, so I could create a "Three Rivers" (if anyone remembers that) esque game really easily. Fantasy draft looks interesting too, could be good fun. So yeah, I'll probably buy this once I get my student loan.
  14. International Football Discussion

    Fantastic campaign for Wales. Few players injured and a long trip to Cyprus so not surprised to see them unable to break down Israel who were excellent defensively. All we need is one point from Bosnia and Andorra, so I'm definitely still confident of going through
  15. Ramblings with Rum

      Good man thanks, yourself? I've just not played FM much at all over the last year, but for a few short spells (where I actually managed to complete a few seasons) although the updates for FM16 look interesting so I'll probably get it with my student loan Just getting ready to go back to University now, and I'm also working on making a film, I'll probably post more about that soon