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  1. Well, hello!

    You can all thank me later for continuously plugging our articles to Leigh @FoxInTheBoxFM Welcome to the site mate! I'd be interested to see any article ideas you have and working on a collab article if time allows us both to  mate 
  2. FM16 Ramblings

    Interesting you re signed Nordtveit @Berry hows he performed for you since he came back to the fold?
  3. From Princes to Kings

    I feel your frustration with the Chairman butting in and selling your best players.. unlucky Stu. I like the look of Mikus though, could become a very nice player for you if he settles well.
  4. TAS' FM16 Dafuge Challenge

    Must be a glitch.. I spy Eastbourne Boro inside the top five with 29 games played! :o
  5. Hovis' Hamlets [DAFUGE]

    Harewood should get you a stack of goals easy! Good luck Bill @Hovis
  6. FM16 Succession Save(s) Poll!

    @Berry knows where itt's at. Oppa Polska style! My second choice is Botafogo, love me a Brazilian adventure!
  7. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    Brendan Rogers maybe? Horrified by the performance at the Hawthrones yesterday.. terrible goals to concede and proves my concerns about Flamini and Arteta alongside Debuchy aren't that far fetched..
  8. From Princes to Kings

    Good luck in Slovenia @Stu and that away fans following... pwhoar.
  9. You can win everything with kids

    Good luck with Cowlyn Bay mate! I've got the same problem with players wanting non-contracts only atm also in my save, that or 90% of my squad have contracts expiring in the summer.. haha
  10. Using the Notebook feature in FM16

    A great article @Pancakes, and as you pointed out, a feature I use consistently through all my FM saves since about FM12 when I was first introduced to it. I can guarantee to people it is an absolute god send! A few things I I found really beneficial and awesome to put into notes and utilise in FM15 as well were Make screenshots of young players I'd signed from regions like South America, Africa and Mainland Europe where under 18s cannot join certain teams before they have turned 18 years old to review progress each season Save contract expiry news articles to my notebook with a reminder period of around October-November to decide on some contracts. Create a 'Disciplinary' category bracket so I can record and monitor if a certain individual within my squad gets a ridiculous amounts of red cards in a season or goes AWOL from training because he is unhappy. Make reminders for staff members who I cannot afford the compensation for but I really want to add to my staff room when they are available for 0 compensation (like members shown in the Backroom Brilliance article by @Rico and @Dev)  
  11. FM16 Ramblings

    @Nick If you don't manage to win the league at a canter with that budget you might as well just delete FM16 from your computer and give up on life to be honest. Insane budget for the Championship! Silly money move by Villa for Byram too, I'm hardly surprised though, it's a standard Aston Villa move
  12. Pulse's Tactical Advice Thread

    I'd guess the most common AI formation you'd see in use by the AI is probably some variation off 4-2-3-1 so it's certainly one to improve on and see how the results come back. Like most things, a tactic will never be perfect and will require some trial and error and tinkering to find the right formula. You're heading in the right direction with your analysis looking at where the faults are occurring and trying small changes to see if it has any major benefit or not. I'll be interested to see what results you get from the next batch of games with a team who play 4-2-3-1. Good luck @Pulse
  13. Let's All Sing Together

    A tough start to the season results wise @RyanNeil Grabbam still getting a good goals ratio though overall, hopefully your season will pick up some momentum now with the wins over Watford and Derby Hayden looks like he's gonna be a great player for you! Future captain in the making also with the det, leadership and work rate tri-combo! Lansbury is pretty much as I'd expect him to have been factored for attributes, still a good Advanced or Deep Lying Playmaker option within the ranks. Hopefully Laxalt can help your team going forward from January
  14. Pulse's Tactical Advice Thread

    I'm guessing you've put Bielik on the right side of the 3 central midfielders as he has more acceleration and pace over Neustadter @Pulse? It only has two positions with slight changes to them so it should be fairly easy to adapt towards and give you wide options from the two CMs to support the full backs bombing forward and the two attacking midfielders. Are your two attacking mids set to move into the channels also? I know the Shadow Striker will already have move into channels as default instruction. It'd be interesting to see how you can report back in five games time with analysis and results
  15. FM16 Ramblings

    Admittedly, I should have edited to correct the 5 was for Level of Discipline and not Determination when I entered the screenshot, but I was going loosely from memory without FM to hand.   Hardly a surprise a Dutchman has low discipline.. :P