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  1. Please Read: TAS News

    A very hard decision to have to make and sad piece of news, I completely understand why it's been made though and cannot say I am too surprised in honesty. I know I haven't been overly active since stepping away with my work, studying and social activities going on but this place has been absolutely wonderful to be a part of and produce so many fm articles, career stories and Sports Interactive Insider pieces as well in recent years. The community as well above all else is what kept TAS as a great place to visit and be a part of. Like Fox I'd also like to thank all the former staff members and admins alongside the community for the contributions they have made to the website and community. It's been a pleasure in recent times to work alongside Fox, Pancakes, Rico, Nick and Dev behind the scenes, as you say though. Onto the next chapter!
  2. Ramblings with Rum

    Hope she is okay Ian. Merry Christmas everyone! Got the main thing I was after this year (a 52 degree wedge) but I wasn't expecting it to be a vokey SM5! Now to wait and see what my brother and sister-in-law have bought me for Christmas when they arrive today!
  3. Who needs Jose?

    Very comfortable first season, some nice signings and sales there.. no understanding why the Arsenal AI decided to buy Ivanovic.. haha Be interesting to see which English players you bring into Chelsea from next season
  4. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    I don't see Ter-Stegen being a realistic buy for Liverpool really. @Foxo Where the hell have these Villa wanting Quintero rumours surfaced from? lol
  5. F1 2015

    Bernie still needs a 'free to air' audience to target sponsors so it would make no sense for him to just send the f1 to Sky 100% at the moment. I'd be curious to see percentages of costs for different sports the BBC show and percentages of viewers.
  6. Ramblings with Rum

    Christ... that sounds like so much fun! all nighter packing till Weds morning then?? Tackled the brunt of my maths assignment I had to work out today before Christmas drinks and nights come around! Just a few pieces to sort out tomorrow and I'll be happy to put them to one side for a week or so.
  7. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    Klopp will probably go to Dortmund in the January transfer window to sign Weidenfeller, his contract ends this summer. Majorly frustrating to see Welbeck's return date has been pushed back again through bone bruising. Who the fuck did the operation? Dr Nick from the Simpsons? cue speculation that Arsenal's are going to go all out in the January window and sign Higuaín and Ibrahimovic...
  8. Football Transfer & Rumour Thread

    Gabby has been keeping himself out of the team under Remi Garde's reign so far hasn't he? @Foxo Surely signing Townsend will hurt Grealish's prospects even more so?
  9. F1 2015

    I'm not surprised BBC have brought forward there planned ending for Formula 1 coverage, it is a very daft decision from them though to let this go.. wonder how long before BT try and muscle in on the F1 also. Channel 4 will be taking over BBC's race allocations they bought for next year, wonder who will be doing the commentary.
  10. The Barclay's Premier League discussion thread

    Ranieri for PM tbh, that way everyone gets free pizza when we vote! Not seen any goals from today yet, got Sky Sports Game of the Day on atm  though. Anyone watch the evening kick off for Newcastle vs Villa tonight? Was almost verging a game of waterpolo towards half time!
  11. Fixture Congestion

    Good article as always Dan, something I've previously covered and tested the effects of using technique 1 and 2 on a previous version of FM over tbe winter period. Very useful and key points to take away and use when you've got key games coming up where you need players fit as a fiddle. A small sidenote, technique three won't work with semi-professional or amateur ranked sides in your club stature, I'm not allowed to edit the frequency of rest periods or length of pre-match preparations that can be set currently as my CS Sedan Ardennes side is only semi-pro currrently. @Dev I rarely alter my back four also, but given my league at the moment and an abundance of pacey strong forwards if my back line is getting tired I will sub off a cb or full back to provide a fresher option in the back line as well.
  12. FM16 Ramblings

    I've seen a bit of chatter recently saying about a change to how key passes are recognised in this new patch update? Might have to do a bit of analysis to see how many key passes I've seen lately vs older games. I'd be curious to see how key passes overall fare now for people with the new update.
  13. Ramblings with Rum

    Download FM to your work pc
  14. FM16 Ramblings

    I'm glad the prozone stats I was seeing weren't 100% truthful also! Be looking forward to seeing new prozone data that appears. Ctrl+F fix will make things so much easier to search specifically as well now
  15. Golf Discussion Thread

    I have many favourite threads @Dev Looking forward to the 2016 golf season and with golf at the 2016 summer olympics coming up it'll be interesting to see who plays!